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The fact is that we are now starting pool season and MOSQUITO season. If we allow pools to turn green, millions of mosquitos will breed in every green pool. Im sure everyone is aware that these little buggers can spread disease and viruses! If half the pools turn green in this town, we will have a MASSIVE OUTBREAK! Please help me get the word out and bring awarenesses to the community!

Sparkle Pool and Spa is offering to drain any pool for free to help the Las Vegas & Henderson community!
I have been impacted considerably and very few customers have paid their bill this month. I have personally funded my company so I would not have to lay anyone off. I also started a GoFundMe page to help keep Sparkle Pool and Spa going and able to buy chemicals and make payroll. I would appreciate any support to my GoFundMe page, but the most important thing is that we get the message out about stopping an outbreak of mosquitoes.
I am asking for your help in spreading the message of “GREEN POOLS BREAD MOSQUITOES” and Sparkle Pool and Spa will help anyone in need. We will drain any green pool at no charge! 
Everyone at Sparkle Pool and Spa is happy to help the community fight a potential mosquito outbreak!

We offer year round swimming pool & spa service and maintenance. Winter rates start at $85 and Summer rates start at $125

IS YOUR SWIMMING POOL GREEN? Our green pool service starts at $149 for chemical treatment and as low as $450 for completely draining the pool, acid washing the pool, and all the requried startup chemicals.



A pool or spa should be about relaxation, not work.

Are you searching for the right pool maintenance and repair company? When you hire us, a "Certified Pool/Spa Operator" will be servicing your pool. Our licensed pool technicians have studied water chemistry along with swimming pool & spa maintenance, passed the National "CPO" exam, and issued a CPO certificate/license. 


Using only the finest industrial strength pool chemicals, Sparkle Pool and Spa maintains your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning service. Next we add the best water clarifiers on the market to aid in filtration and make your water "Sparkle".


Customer service and providing you with a pool and spa that Sparkles is our business.


We are a family owned & operated company and we treat all of our customers like family.  Let our family take care of yours.


Call to schedule a consultation & appointment today!



For all new customer accounts starting service with a promotional/coupon/discounted first month, we have a 3 month minimum service agreement. Simply stated, when you start new monthly/weekly service with us, we require a minimum of 3 months service. 

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